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Enthusiasm. Encounters and services on the highest level. Or: when customers become friends.
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Customer & Guest Relations

It takes much more to treat guests successfully than the term ‘dialogue marketing’ implies. It is a matter that is near to our hearts. Interpersonal contacts, dialogue and sensitivity for every single person form a coherent overall impression. It takes a lot of knowledge on specific aspects of regional prerequisites and individual requirements to establish direct contacts and to turn “target groups” into sustainable relationships.


Participant management is a prerequisite for every event. Inviting guests, conducting and managing responses, booking hotel capacities, define routes and incorporate special wishes. Guest Management requires a permanent supervision of all details as well as outstanding coordination on the one hand; on the other hand it requires: HEART! We offer professional Guest Management which serves an event perfectly from the beginnings and provides the adequate appreciation for the guests. Thus, we win the guests’ hearts by offering outstanding services. Additionally, we provide coordination and logistic organisation of hotel, flight and transfer capacities. Whether event, trade fair or congress, whether 5, 50, 500 or 5,000 participants, we have the right knowledge to carefully attend to target groups.


To perform these tasks, our team consists of different personalities with multi-faceted characters and individual competences who have gained expertise from long-standing engagements in international projects. Therefore, we do know exactly what the personal requirements of our customers’ guests are – experiences which are integrated in the work of our agency and provide the optimum outcome for our customers. Every day.

For the world's most demanding target groups. Where details are not just details.


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Travel & Hotel Management

Travel & Hotel Management

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Lead Management

Guest Relations

Guest Relations

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